II. Family & Community Services

(a) Moon Lok Community Service Centre

The Centre is located in Tsuen Wan. It commenced its services in 1967. However, due to limitations in resources, the Centre was temporarily closed in early 1990’s. Then, it resumed its delivery of services to the community in 2004.

(b) Clinical Psychology Service

Our Clinical Psychological service offers a wide range of services for children and families on individual and group basis. Our services include counseling and therapy, educational and psychological assessment, parenting training as well as family therapy. We also render therapeutic services to the students with Special Educational Needs.

Application of Trauma-Informed Care approach in ABMSBC


Trauma-informed care (TIC) is an approach to deliver service with an understanding of trauma and its impact to service users. It involves viewing trauma through an ecological perspective which includes both the individual level, Adverse Childhood Experiences, and community levels, Adverse Community Environments (ACEs). The TIC approach has widely promoted in various settings in the western countries and some welfare agencies in Hong Kong. Due to the profound effect of ACEs on children, the trauma-informed strategies are particularly relevant to professionals working with the children. The ABMSBC has taken up the challenge recently in applying the TIC approach in the world of education, from kindergarten to secondary schools. Approaching education with an understanding of the physiological, social, emotional, and academic impacts of trauma and adversity on our students is promising. Still, relevant changes in our educational systems may not be ready. We expect resistance from our servicing schools of our initiative to propose the application of applying Trauma-informed School (TIS) ideas at a whole school level. On the other hand, the promising result from the pioneers in the west and the urgency to address the deteriorating mental health among the young generation makes all the effort meaningful. The positive response from our staff to the TIC and TIS approaches during the training workshops, and the overall positive feedback from our service users during the pilot phase of its implementation have laid down a promising foundation for future development. Becoming trauma-informed in our professional practice is a process of learning and adjustment, and it is a worthwhile process. The service of this approach is mainly delivered by Mr. Eddie LO Chak Chuen, our Clinical Psychologist.



The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association (its alias: ABMSBC) was formed on 20th October 2004. ABMSBC is formed to recognize the actual makeup and organization of our agency. American Baptist Mission has a long working relationship with Swatow Baptist Churches. The history of cooperation can be dated back to 1954.


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