I. Children & Youth Services

(a) Fung Tak Baptist Children & Youth Integrated Services

The “Fung Tak Baptist Children & Youth Integrated Services” (FTCYIS) offers centre-based, school and outreaching services to the children & youth since September 2002.

(b) Stationing School Social Work Services

We have been offering social work services to secondary schools,primary schools and kindergarten since 2000, 2002 and 2005 respectively.



The following are some new elements to our current services in COVID-19:


1. Use of technology in providing services to the students and parents : During the outbreak of the pandemic, most of our school social workers need to provide their services from home due to school suspension. We use new strategy to express our concerns to service users, such as stay connected with users via WhatsApp or the internet, provide counseling to students and parents when they are at home, produce microfilm or recorded videos to introduce our social services, and run small group programs via online platforms.

2. Publication of encouragement cards for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) students and kindergarten children


HKDSE students were still required to attend their public examination in March 2020. Our school teammates used their great creativity and with the professional advice from Mr. Eddie LO Chak Chuen, our Clinical Psychologist, we prepared a set of cards to encourage and stay connected with students. Moreover, we found that most of the parents did not know how to show love and care to their Pre-school children, especially when they needed to stay at home together for a very long period of time during COVID-19. Our school teammates once again worked with the CP to prepare another set of encouragement cards, with the objective to support parents and provide guidance for parenting their children in a proper way. We have given approximately 300 sets of cards to the students and the response was very positive.

Encouragement Cards

for DSE Students

Parent-Child Play Cards

For Kindergarten Students

3. PPI services (teacher training & school support)


“Shining Kids” is our consortium project for Pre-School Institution (PPI), in which we co-work with another 3 NGOs (FMHK, HKMCSDA and HAC) to serve a total of 5 Kindergartens and Nursery Schools with good quality services to the Pre-school children. We are aware that early intervention and identification is very important for children. In September 2020, our CP provided intervention skill training to pre-school social workers. In October 2020, our social workers distributed questionnaires for teachers and parents, to explore the needs of pre-school children. In November 2020, our CP conducted a 2-hours special consultation for the school principals and teachers. Subsequently, from January to March 2021, HAC held storytelling training to our teachers and parents. In March and April 2021, FMHK provided table manner courses to the children and their parents. From April to June 2021, MHKMCSA organized balanced-diet training to the parents.



The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service Association (its alias: ABMSBC) was formed on 20th October 2004. ABMSBC is formed to recognize the actual makeup and organization of our agency. American Baptist Mission has a long working relationship with Swatow Baptist Churches. The history of cooperation can be dated back to 1954.


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